Dignatary Protection including operational and Cyber domains.


Consultancy Security Management for onshore and offshore projects worldwide.


Information and Intelligence Analysis. Hypothesis Generation, Courses of Actions in support to Business Decisions.



ack3 supports Emergencies arising from natural or deliberate acts including earthquakes, tsunamis, coup de etat or terrorist campaign.


Air, Sea and land vectors for Contingency operations. ack3 frame agreements maintain on standby those vectors and contingency plans in order to ensure full availability anywhere and anytime.


Tactical, medical and technical teams and crews ensure that your company is resilient, implmenting an actual Duty of Care .




IT, OT , Scada systems need to be integrated. Before new Hybrid Threats, corporations must ensure full Business Continuity. ack3 deply Red Teams to assess corporate defence capabilities identifying vulnetrabilities and propising solutions.

Unmmaned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) in support of the Oil&gas, Energy, Maritime and Mining Operations worldwide.


Cyber and Communications systems for remote locations.

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